Receive a weekly box of certified organic fruits and vegetables, grown at Blue House Farm in Pescadero, CA. We pride ourselves in providing the freshest possible produce, often harvested the day before or day of delivery.

Seasonal add-on products will be added here as they become available. Get the most out of your subscription by ordering fresh-cut flowers, canning tomatoes, bulk apples, dried beans, and pumpkins in season.

CSA Box 2014

Subscribe to receive a weekly or bi-weekly box of fresh, organic vegetables and fruit. Memberships available at $22/box.


Apples for Canning - 18lb Case ($20.00 )

Freshly-picked, Certified Organic apples from Blue House Farm, in 18 lb cases.

Everyday Herb Salt ($9.50 )

Farmer Freed’s Everyday Herb Salt can be used in everyday cooking. This scrumptious blend is excellent with poultry, seafood, vegetables, stuffing, potatoes, eggs, popcorn, bread & butter, and homemade croutons.

From: Farmer Freed's Culinary Salts

Pucker Up Citrus Salt ($9.50 )

Farmer Freed's Pucker Up Citrus Salt is a new favorite! Add it to your grilling and cocktail repertoires.

From: Farmer Freed's Culinary Salts

Sababa Salt ($9.50 )

Farmer Freed Sababa Salt is a Mediterranean inspired salt blend and in Hebrew, Sababa means “awesome, great, and no problem.”

From: Farmer Freed's Culinary Salts

Local Raw Honey ($8.50 )

Local, raw honey harvested from hives within San Mateo county. 16oz recyclable glass jars.

From: Golden Harvest Bees

Farm Flower Bouquet ($8.00 )

Field-grown, organic flowers are beautifully arranged and will contain a generous number of stems, enough to fill a medium sized vase. Available from early June through mid-October.

Whole Dill Pickles ($8.00 )

The classic dill pickle, this jar combines lots of garlic, dill, and mustard seed with firm, crisp cucumbers to create a memorable crunch. 32oz.

From: Emmy's

Pastured Eggs ($7.50 )

Local farm-fresh eggs from pastured chickens fed non-GMO grains. - Please contact Mia directly, we have a limited number of bi-weekly subscriptions left.

From: Early Bird Ranch