Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions will be answered on our policy page, so please read through that first. These questions provide additional information about our CSA program. If the answer to your question is not on either of these pages, send an email to:

I forgot to pick up my box during my scheduled pickup time! Can I still somehow get it?

It is the responsibility of the CSA member to pick up their box during the designated time period. If a member is unable to do so, it is their responsibility to entitle a friend to do so (no need to contact us, but please give your friend instructions on pick-up procedures.) If a box is not picked up on the designated day, during the designated time frame, it will be donated at the discretion of the site host.  Neither Blue House Farm nor your site host are responsible for missing boxes after the designated pick-up time. Consider the pick-up times firm. In respect for the site host, we ask that members do not show up early or late.

What if I am going on vacation or otherwise cannot pick up my box?

We would prefer if you found a friend or family member to pick-up the box for you. This is a great way to introduce new people to our program, and a chance for you to share some beautiful, local produce with them.

You may also log in to your account and choose not to have a box delivered for those days.  This must be done by midnight on Sunday for the upcoming week.  If you request to put a box on hold, your delivery count will not drop and you will keep that box credit in your account. 

Is there any sort of deadline during the week for placing orders, canceling orders, placing boxes on hold, etc?

Yes! The deadline for box orders, holds, and add-on orders is Midnight on Sunday prior to delivery. This is essential to ensure that we are billing, planning and harvesting for the correct number of members. Any orders or changes made after Midnight on Sunday will be reflected in the following delivery.

Do I receive a discount for signing up friends, family and neighbors?

Yes!!! For each friend, family member, or neighbor you introduce to our CSA, you will receive a $23 box credit as a thank you for helping to spread the word!  Be sure to tell your friend to enter your name as a reference when he/she signs up so we can be sure to give you credit for it.

Do I need to make a commitment for 30 weeks?

We do depend on our members to purchase our produce weekly. As a small farm we cannot accommodate large swings in the weekly numbers of boxes that we deliver, and it benefits members to experience all that we have to offer.  That being said, if you are unsure that the CSA is right for you, or if the full 30 week commitment is too expensive to pay in at one time, you can sign up for our 4-Box Deposit/Weekly Payment Plan at the same price per box.  You will pay for 4 boxes of CSA deliveries when you sign-up, then every delivery afterward you will be automatically charged $24 per box, or you may request your membership be canceled without any additional charge if cancelled by Sunday before your next delivery. We cannot refund your initial payment of $96 which covers the cost of the 4-box trial period.

For smaller families or folks who have a hard time using up a weekly CSA subscription, we also offer a biweekly box plan.  This is available for the full season and also for the 4-Box Deposit/Weekly Payment Plan.  For the 4-Box Deposit Plan, you pay for the first 8 weeks (4 boxes every-other-week), and after that point you will be automatically charged $23 every-other-week.  

Can I cancel my membership?

As a small farm, we depend upon our CSA members’ financial commitment for the full season. If you are unsure that a full-season commitment is right for you, we suggest you take advantage of our 4-Week Deposit/Weekly Payment Plan (see above). If you are signed up for a full 30-week membership and are greatly dissatisfied with our service you may request a cancellation to your membership and we will refund you for the remaining weeks. Initial 4-week Deposit boxes cannot be refunded.

What are box and cash credits?

A box credit is credit for a box delivery. When you sign up for a full season, you receive 30 box credits in your account, which means you have paid for 30 weeks of box deliveries. Each week that you receive a box, we subtract one box credit from your account. When you place a box on hold, your box credits do not decrease.

Cash credit is money in your membership account that you can use to purchase boxes or add-on items. You can see how much money you have by going into your account online and viewing your Cash Account Balance. If you would like to convert your box credit into cash credit to be used for future deliveries or add-on orders, at this time you must request it via email:

If you have extra box or cash credit in your account at the end of the season, you can use these credits towards next year’s CSA subscription. 

Can I customize my box?

At this time we do not offer customization of our farm box.  We are a small farm with a small staff. Because we are small, we have to plan a long time in advance to make sure that the boxes will have enough items, and that we don't repeat items too frequently. Outside factors like drought, bad weather and pests also limit our options of what we'll have available in the field when it's time to pack the boxes. If you have a severe food allergy, please let us know and try to work with you to get the most from your membership. If you have multiple vegetables that you can't eat (i.e. all nightshades), you may be happier to visit us at the farmers'  market or through a grocery delivery service like Good Eggs instead of the CSA.