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Local, raw honey harvested from hives within San Mateo county. 12 oz recyclable glass jars.

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Founded in 2010, State Street Honey currently manages over 50 colonies housed on a variety of properties in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, including Half Moon Bay, San Bruno, Los Altos and Redwood City. State Street Honey is a gift of the European Honey Bee; superior products from the hive and distinctive honeys from amazing microclimate regions, all extracted and bottled by hand.

All of our honey is raw and unprocessed. It is strained to remove wax, propolis and solids before bottling. It is not pasteurized leaving our honey with full natural flavor and live enzymes which are an aid to digestion . The lack of processing also leaves our honey full of pollen making it highly sought-after as a holistic treatment for hay fever by residents of San Mateo County.

Every bottling is unique. Honey changes throughout the season depending on what is in bloom. Color ranges from light to dark amber with darker richer honey produced later in our season. The flavor is rich and may have hints of mint, citrus and black licorice depending on the time of year.

Certified Organic Produce from Pescadero, California and other local products.