Purchase a box membership to receive a weekly delivery to your neighborhood of Certified Organic fruits and vegetables, grown at Blue House Farm in Pescadero, CA. We pride ourselves on providing a diverse mix of the freshest possible produce, often harvested the day of delivery.

Seasonal add-on products will be added below as they become available. Get the most out of your subscription by ordering fresh-cut flowers, canning tomatoes, apples, dried beans, and pumpkins in season.

CSA Box 2016

Subscribe to receive a weekly or bi-weekly box of fresh, organic vegetables and fruit. Membership available at $23/box. Begins the 3rd week of May, 2016.

Winter 2017

The Blue House Farm winter CSA will provide 9 bi-weekly deliveries from January through April 2017. Each box will contain 8-9 seasonally appropriate vegetables and fruit, like hearty greens, brassicas, onions, potatoes, and citrus.


Beans - Heirloom Vermont Cranberry ($5.00 )

Also known as Borlotti beans, this heirloom variety has a nutty flavor that is great for baking and soup. These beauties are oval, medium-sized, plump, and streaked red and pink when uncooked and turns to pale red/brown when cooked. Similar to a pinto with a richer taste.

Eggs - January-October - Pasture Raised ($9.00 )

Local farm-fresh eggs from Organic, Animal Welfare Approved chickens fed non-GMO grains.

From: Pie Ranch

Farmer Freed Everyday Herb Salt ($9.50 )

Farmer Freed’s Everyday Herb Salt can be used in everyday cooking. This scrumptious blend is excellent with poultry, seafood, vegetables, stuffing, potatoes, eggs, popcorn, bread & butter, and homemade croutons.

From: Farmer Freed's Culinary Salts

Farmer Freed Sababa Herb Salt ($10.00 )

Farmer Freed Sababa Salt is a Mediterranean inspired salt blend and in Hebrew, Sababa means “awesome, great, and no problem.”

From: Farmer Freed's Culinary Salts

Farmer Freed Spice It Up Salt ($10.00 )

Farmer Freed’s Spice It Up Salt is a zesty blend featuring organic chiles and smoked paprika. This salt blend contains a hint of heat and is created for all those who savor their food with a sassy kick. The variety of organic chiles changes throughout the seasons.

From: Farmer Freed's Culinary Salts

Gift Certificate - 4, 15 or 30 Weeks ($92.00 )

Give the gift of organic fruits and veggies with the Blue House Farm CSA. Certificates can take up to 5 days to receive by email.

Hat ($20.00 )

Blue House Farm logo hat. White logo on front of navy blue baseball hat with mesh sides. Adjustable snap closure in back.

Local Raw Honey ($9.00 )

Local, raw honey harvested from hives within San Mateo county. 12 oz recyclable glass jars.